Workflow for HR productivity: How to manage a human resources team

It’s not often that you hear of workflow management paired with Human Resources, but what you don’t know is that it can be a more useful tool for HR professionals than what you think. A lot of human resource processes deal with constant iterations of the same tasks such as onboardings, updating employee records, and educating the staff about the organization’s latest policies. 

That’s why in this article, we will be covering:

  1. What is HR management
  2. What is the difference with HR workflow management
  3. Why a human resources workflow is important and what are the benefits
  4. How to manage HR workflow for maximum productivity
  5. Getting started with a work management tool

What is HR management?

Firstly, human resource management is a comprehensive approach to manage the organization’s labor culture and people operations. An effective human resource management should make your organization’s staff feel safe and motivated to achieve the company’s expectations and goals. 

What is the difference with HR workflow management?

HR workflow management on the other hand is the process of identifying iterative tasks and implementing templates that can help HR managers save time and avoid mistakes and inefficiencies while increasing productivity. 

Why is a human resources workflow important and what are the benefits?

Creating a human resources workflow management scheme can help different teams and departments find ways to optimize their work and streamline their day-to-day duties. Here are some highlights of the many benefits a workflow management tool can bring to your human resources team:

  1. The biggest is saving time. Did you know that HR professionals on average spend 3-4 hours per day on inefficient manual management processes? 
  2. Increase empathy, but why does that matter? 96% of HR professionals, CEOs, and employees agree that empathy is key for work satisfaction and happiness.  Studies show that workflow softwares can save managers time of around 152 hours a year and employees 498 hours a year that can be used to be more productive.
  3. It lowers your expenses. Workflow management created with digital solutions such as productivity tools like MORNINGMATE are proven to save around two-thirds of physical paper budget, this might not seem like a big deal, but for some organizations, this can be as much as 15% of their fixed expenses.

How to manage HR workflow for maximum productivity?

Managing a human resources workflow is already a very difficult and laborious task, let alone if you try to do it through manual processes. That’s why project management collaborative tools not only help digitizing your workflow but also offer a repetitive system that helps to easily keep record and track of your work and maintain all processes standardized.

However, not all workflow management tools are made equal. You could try a specialized HR platform such as SenseHR human resource software in the UK, but what if you are trying to find a single software that can be used across all departments in your organization? Here are some examples on how MORNINGMATE tools easily help you manage HR workflow without you having to stress on building and implementing it to your processes:

1. Create an agile process for your daily HR administrative tasks

With MORNINGMATE’s task manager, you can simply make templates of your different operations. Here you can add all the information and assets needed for the operation, set start and due dates, list the different task dependencies and subtasks, and assign all the responsibilities to the corresponding staff. (Operation examples: following up on signatures after documents are delivered or sending new employees all the needed paperwork after being accepted to the organization).

2. Keep an organized track of documents for applications and recruitment

With MORNINGMATE you can make article posts in which you can upload all the information and files (such as resumes, contracts, and others) of a potential employee profile and share it with their corresponding managers to directly comment and provide feedback and updates about the candidate. Making it easy to keep record and track specific documents and conversations of a particular profile in one place. By using integrated Zapier features, it may even be possible to sync your pay stub creator right onto the platform.

3. Streamline staff’s work expense submissions

MORNINGMATE’s task manager can be used for far more than managing your tasks. You can repurpose the tool to make approvals by assigning a task post to a staff member so they can list their expenses as tasks and request your feedback. Then, you can use the “completed” status for approvals and the “hold” status for rejections. Making it easy and simple for both to know the status of their expense approvals and be able to discuss it directly on the same post.

4. Organize your to-do list and collaborate with your team

Sometimes some tasks just aren’t big enough to really use the task manager. That’s why we have a dynamic to-do list for simple activities in which you can assign to the corresponding staff member and even set due dates so you can have everything delivered on time. 

4. Schedule physical or virtual meetings with internal and external members

Communication is key for human resources. That’s why MORNINGMATE not only offers real-time chat and post comments, but also an event planner that allows you to schedule any physical or virtual meeting. You can add participants and even location tags with maps for physical meetings. MORNINGMATE counts with Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration, so you can directly add your video conference link to your invitation and even set a reminder for everyone to be notified before the meeting starts.

Getting started with a work management tool

Whether you do it manually or digitally, an effective HR workflow is bound to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization. Save time and money by investing in collaboration tools like MORNINGMATE that help you manage applicants, update staff documentation, and do other operational tasks that can improve your HR workflow management and become more productive. What are you waiting for? Start optimizing your workflow with MORNINGMATE and become a master in HR management.