Top 3 Clickup benefits and reasons why should you consider alternatives

By now, project management softwares isn’t new to people, quite the opposite, with the vast offer of tools, it can be hard to find the one that best suits you. A lot of these brands usually offer very similar features, however not all of them work in the same way or method.

If you’re reading this article, probably you are looking for a new project management tool and among the ones you’ve searched, Click is one you are considering. Well, buckle up as we dive into explaining:

  1. What is Clickup
  2. The Benefits of using Clickup
  3. The Drawbacks of using Clickup
  4. What is the best alternative

What is Clickup?

Clickup like many others is an all-in-one productivity platform. Aside from hubbing all the work in one space, it offers a complex UI with customizable features that allow you to plan and track tasks, collaborate on projects, and more functions depending on the integrations you make. So, you can imagine how saturated Clickup is with all these options and features, which sound great on paper,  but does it truly simplify your workflow?

The benefits of using Clickup

To make it easier, we have listed the top 3 features Clickup offers:

1. Multiple views

Managing projects, timelines, and people is an already difficult job, so naturally, how you view your work is very important to avoid unnecessary stress and inefficiencies. That’s why Clickup offers over 15 workspace views for you to choose from. Yes, you’ve read right… 15+ ways to see your work… 

2. Multiple integrations

If that already seemed like a lot, wait until you read about integrations. Clickup offers third party integrations to expand your functionalities and features as you need with over 1000 apps like Slack, Zapier, among others for you to choose from.

3. Custom dashboard

So, aside from having to completely build your workspace views and integrations, you also get to build your own dashboard. For this, Clickup offers an extensive catalog of over 50 widget variations and reporting tools for you to pick and choose… and keep choosing.

The drawbacks of using Clickup

Sounds great so far, right? Now, let’s really breakdown these features and see past the impressive numbers:

1. Unnecessary views

Although Clickup offers a lot of ways to view work, honestly, the views that one truly needs or that are useful and user friendly are just a few, making the rest of views rather unnecessary and gimmicky as it only makes it more confusing to work and to set it up. Sometimes, less is more. Having a timeline view, a calendar view, a list view, and a feed view (a view unique to MORNINGMATE), are more than enough to truly get a full picture of your workflow and projects and take advantage of each views’ characteristics.

2. Overspending in integrations

A similar phenomenon happens with the integrations, only worse since the integrations are third party apps and needed in order to have certain functionalities or features. Although it sounds great that you can keep adding external features to the platform, there are two huge problems with this:

  • You will have to spend more on third party app subscriptions for some basic features.
  • Aside from learning how to use Clickup, you will also have to learn to use any third party app you decide to integrate.

3. Saturated dashboard

Lastly, the dashboard. The idea of a customizable dashboard seems amazing, but do you even really need one? Having clear spaces for different functionalities and workflows can make your work cleaner and easier for anyone to also use and understand. However, when you have so many widgets and reports like the Clickup dashboard, instead of being useful, it ends up looking overly saturated and not visually friendly, making it confusing and overwhelming to work in at times.

What is the best alternative?

So, Clickup offers a broad roster of views, widgets, and third party integrations, but that still lacks the easy and simple task management functionalities natively (unless you integrate another third party) and friendly user experience dynamics. However, with MORNINGMATE, you don’t only get the workspace views you truly need, but a unique user experience that feels as familiar as a social media platform. Aside from having an impressively intuitive UI, it offers all the core functionalities you need for team collaboration such as real-time messaging through chat and comments, video call integrations with ZOOM and Microsoft Teams, and even a task management tool that only takes 5 simple steps to set up.

We are barely scratching the surface about the powerful tool MORNINGMATE can be for your team. Check out all the other features MORNINGMATE’s platform has to offer before you consider outdated platform workflows. Not sure? Try it for FREE! Update your organisation’s old work system and start optimising your workflow and saving money on inefficiencies.