for project management 2022: Pros, cons, and alternatives

Project management softwares is something that a lot of people, if not everyone has heard about by now. In fact, it has become so common that with so many options that are available out there today, the real challenge is finding THE ONE. But how is it possible to find the right tool for you when so many brands today are offering very similar features?

Think that looking for the right project management tool for you is like finding the love of your life. It isn’t about just the looks or whether it marks all the checkboxes, it’s about how it feels and interacts with you. If you’re reading this article, probably you are looking for a new project management software and among the ones you’ve searched, is one of the candidates. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will be exploring:

  1. What is
  2. The pros of using
  3. The cons of using
  4. What is a better alternative

What is

Originally named dapples, is a project management software that helps teams maintain a workflow and collaborate together to manage big projects. Its user interface resembles very closely to Excel spreadsheets and it has often been praised for its task planning and tracking features.

However, is the platform really worth the hype?

The pros of using

To make it easier, we have listed the top 3 features offers:

1. Board and Columns

The way that Monday works is that it lays tasks on boards, you can make:

  • Main boards: for all the team to see 
  • Private boards: for only the people you choose to see
  • Shareable boards: for external collaborations 

Within these boards, you will find columns:

  • People column: shows who the task is assigned to
  • Timeline column: shows when the task starts and ends
  • Status column: shows you the current progress of each task

That’s basically all there is as far as the platform’s main praised feature, think of it as an Excel template made to be friendlier and colorful. 

2. Multiple board views

Maybe it sounds… too simple? Well, the other important feature to these boards is that you can choose different views for it, ranging from:

  • Files view: Shows all the files uploaded in that board
  • Kanban view: Shows the board as a Kanban board (Boards within a board?)
  • Form view: Creates web forms based on the board
  • Chart view: Shows insights of the board through a bar, pie, or line chart.

So, as you have read, there are different ways to see your board according to particular requirements when needed.

3. Multiple integrations

What happens if you need more than just the boards? offers third party integrations to expand your functionalities and features as you need with thousands of apps to choose from such as Slack, Zapier, among others. Might not be native, but it does the trick.

The cons of using

Sounds great so far, right? Now, let’s really breakdown these features and see past the impressive numbers:

1. Limiting format

Although the board and column system seem pretty good for its simple and easy to understand methodology, when in action it can feel a little limiting as it lacks other important features within the board’s main interface, such as making subtasks directly or being able to view and make comments with a full visual of the board. For instance, take MORNINGMATE’s task manager post, which displays all the information in one look and allows you to make any needed modifications or comments on the spot.

2. Multiple board views

Although offers a lot of ways to view their boards, none of those views are really for viewing your overall project workspace and workflow. Yes, they do offer a Gantt chart view (in their premium version), but that’s still very limiting compared to collaboration tools like MORNINGMATE that offer a timeline view, a calendar view, a list view, and even a feed view (which is unique to MORNINGMATE) without integrating a third party app.

3. Overspending in integrations

So, for you to really take advantage of Monday’s full potential, you must use third party app integrations. Although that doesn’t sound that bad because you can keep adding external features to the platform, there are two huge problems with this:

  • You will have to spend more on third party app subscriptions for some basic features.
  • Aside from learning how to use Clickup, you will also have to learn to use any third party app you decide to integrate.

What is a better alternative?

So, offers a very solid and renown platform with third party integrations, but that still lacks the easy and simple task management functionalities natively (unless you integrate another third party) and friendly user experience dynamics. However, with MORNINGMATE, you don’t only get different  workspace views like Monday, but a unique user experience that feels as familiar as a social media platform. Aside from having an impressively intuitive UI, it offers all the core functionalities you need for team collaboration such as real-time messaging through chat and comments, video call integrations with ZOOM and Microsoft Teams, and even a task management tool that only takes 5 simple steps to set up.

We are barely scratching the surface about the powerful tool MORNINGMATE can be for your team. Check out all the other features MORNINGMATE’s platform has to offer before you consider outdated platform workflows. Not sure? Try it for FREE! Update your organisation’s old work system and start optimising your workflow and saving money on inefficiencies.