Top 7 reasons why organisations in the UK are using morningmate

It feels like just yesterday when COVID-19 changed our lives, confining everyone to their homes for months before we could safely share spaces again. Naturally, this significantly impacted not only our personal lives, but also our work habits, especially as it forced everyone to find new ways of collaborating remotely. Project management software has been around for quite some time, but their popularity and use increased exponentially during the pandemic. As a result, many organisations have chosen to maintain a remote or hybrid work model due to the performance and financial benefits.

Today, project management or collaboration tools are no longer exclusive to large organisations managing their businesses and operations. Companies of all sizes and industries now require these tools to keep up with the evolving work culture and optimise their workflows, avoiding inefficiencies and staying competitive. With so many options available, the real challenge lies in finding the one that can seamlessly integrate with your workflow and effectively meet your team’s needs. But how can you find the right tool when so many brands seem to offer virtually the same features?

Finding the right project management tool is like looking for your perfect match. It’s not just about appearances or ticking boxes; it’s about how it feels and the dynamic it has with you. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already heard of collaboration tools or are looking for an alternative to replace your current one. Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will walk you through:

  1. What is morningmate
  2. Top 7 Reasons why organisations choose morningmate
  3. The benefits of using morningmate

What is morningmate?

morningmate is the number one collaboration tool in South Korea, leading its market with over 400,000 active organisations of all sizes and types of industries. Users praise its unique and intuitive UI that offers all the core functionalities for team collaboration. So, what makes morningmate so special that it has captivated so many renowned organisations, not only in South Korea but also in the UK?

Top 7 reasons why organisations choose morningmate

1. Using it is as easy as using social media

One of the biggest and entirely justified concerns with using a collaboration tool is that the software often becomes an extra step in the workflow, making it counterproductive as the team struggles to keep up with work and the tool simultaneously. The idea is to work directly with the tool to make the process easier, but many brands fail at this by relying on complicated dashboards and unnecessary sections that make it laborious and difficult for team members to learn and use effectively.

morningmate, on the other hand, feels like having a social media platform for work by making things simple and direct with its unique workspace feed. Here, you can plan and track all your work and resources through posts that are neatly organised in chronological order, just like a social media platform, making work more agile and easy to track and coordinate.

2. Have all the right features you need in one place

This might seem rather obvious and redundant, but as you search and learn more about project management software, you’ll realise that not all applications offer everything you need natively. What does that mean? Having a native feature means that the function is part of the software’s development. However, in most cases, only the simpler features are native, and you will often find yourself integrating third-party apps for some essential functionalities. This might not seem like a big deal, but when you consider the time you and your team need to spend learning the tool and, moreover, the extra memberships you’ll have to pay for, this point starts to weigh heavily on your decision. morningmate offers all the features you need natively, from task management to quality checklists. All functionalities are designed to follow the same logic and methodology, eliminating learning curves.

3. Connect with the team in all the ways you need

Almost all collaboration tools offer ways for the team to communicate, with the most common one being a chatroom for the team to have threaded conversations and stay in touch. However, in practice, this can be rather uncomfortable and inefficient as you switch back and forth between viewing tasks, resources, and tracking conversations. That’s why morningmate offers not only a chatroom but also comments directly on work posts, allowing you to discuss and give feedback on specific tasks, assets, or projects in the same place. This means you won’t lose track of those conversations without having to mix or interrupt a separate conversation happening in your chatroom. morningmate also allows you to integrate ZOOM or Microsoft Teams video calls for easy scheduling of face-to-face meetings whenever needed (and make the most of that Office 365 subscription).

4. See all the information and content at a glance

This is another point that many might overlook, but it significantly affects the user experience. Most project management tools have content and information segmented into different sections, which means that to access certain information or view resources, you need to check them separately. This becomes rather inconvenient in practice as you have to keep going back and forth to check on information, resources, and comments. morningmate offers a seamless and holistic view through its post system, keeping everything within easy reach.

5. Have all the ways you need to view your workspace

Many brands boast about having multiple ways of viewing your workspace, some even offering more than 15 views, which might sound impressive but can also be overwhelming. However, have you ever considered how many views you genuinely need for work? morningmate focuses on quality over quantity, offering four different workspace views designed for various work situations and needs:

Feed view:

Organises work visually as a social feed. Best for reviewing the daily tasks.

List view:

Organises work in condensed information. Best for tracking tasks.

Calendar view: 

Organises work by dates, weeks, or months. Best for organising meetings and deadlines.

Gantt Chart view:

Organises work in a timeline. Best for having an overall view of all work and pending tasks.

6. Plan, track, and manage tasks in 5 simple steps

One of the most challenging aspects of using project management software is planning out a team project or task. With morningmate, we’ve simplified creating tasks into 5 easy steps:

  1. Write about the project
  2. List all tasks
  3. Select progress status
  4. Assign teammates
  5. Set deadlines and priority

That’s how simple it is to plan and track your projects and tasks with morningmate.

7. Work with anyone internal or external to the organisation

Lastly, this is a point that many people overlook when considering a collaboration tool. Most project management software is created for an organisation’s internal use only, meaning that only registered employees can access and use the platform to communicate and follow up on projects. However, this means that for any external members or clients you might be collaborating with, you’ll need a separate channel that you’ll have to constantly update. This not only doubles the work but also increases the likelihood of mistakes, issues, and delays as work is sometimes wrongly replicated. With morningmate, you can invite any external collaborator to your project board and manage their role and access, allowing you to continue housing all your work in one place and saving time on unnecessary operations.

The benefits of using morningmate

You might be thinking, “It all seems amazing, but does it truly work? Will I see any visible changes or improvements?” If you’re still not convinced, don’t take our word for it. We’ve gathered real user data from organisations that have streamlined their workflow with morningmate and their experiences since using the platform:

  • Saved 60% in meeting times
  • Increased 200% in brand value
  • Increased 10% in work productivity
  • Saved 20% in process spendings

So, are you ready to start benefiting from a streamlined workflow? morningmate is your go-to solution for efficient, seamless, and intuitive project management. Give it a try and watch your organisation’s productivity, communication, and collaboration soar to new heights.