[Update September 07.2023] Faster Search, Text Editing Tools, Tables and much more!

Introducing morningmate’s Latest Features

We’re thrilled to announce the awaited updates that will take your work to the next level!

01. Faster and More Efficient Search:

Frustrated with slow loading times while looking for past information? Search now got faster and easier than ever, even when searching for content created years ago! In this update, we’ve refined the search logic, ensuring a quick find of the specific data or files, regardless of when it was initially created or uploaded.

Check search history (recent searches/views):

Recent searches and viewed items are now on the search bar. Get a quick access to your 5 recently searched keywords and work post. You can also delete this recent search history when needed.

Searched keywords are now highlighted!

Keywords are now highlighted not only in search results but also in the content you are looking for, making them easy to spot! A subtle yet impactful update that will keep your eyes on the target and boost your productivity.

02.Advanced Text Editing Tools

More editing capabilities for your work posts coming your way!

*Feature available for article / tasks / events posts

Customize text size/color

You can now change the text size and color when creating a post. Use the text editing tools to highlight the key points and make them more noticeable and impactful! You can use this new feature when creating articles, tasks and events.

Copy and paste tables on work posts

You can now create and add tables to your work posts. Plus, you can copy and paste tables directly from Excel spreadsheets with just one click, making it easier and faster to share important data with your team.

Bullet points.

Use the bullet points tool to break down complex information, highlight key points, list and organize the the content for a clearer and more effective view.

Did you like these new updates?

Thank you for being a part of our journey. With your continued support and feedback, the future of Morningmate looks brighter than ever!