morningmate User Report 2022

morningmate has published the 2022 “mornignmate usage report” 

Morningmate provides quantitative data on ‘collaboration tool effectiveness and workplace improvements’. This data is based on a survey of 1,429 office workers experienced in digital workplaces.

A significant 93% of respondents believe collaboration tools are essential for their company. The reasons, ranked in order, were:

1) Team communication

2) Work schedule management

3) Data/file storage

4) Goal achievement

5) Organizational productivity

Notably, team communication and work scheduling were predominant choices, highlighting respondents’ desire for smoother communication through collaboration tools.

63% of respondents indicated that, as decision-makers, they would advocate for the introduction of collaboration tools to their company. The key criteria for selecting such a tool were ranked as:

1) Usability

2) Product functionality

3) Reasonable pricing

4) Security and safety

5) Trust in the developer

It’s evident that ease of use, ensuring rapid adaptation by all employees, stands out as the paramount criterion for tool selection.

Users reported saving an average of 55 minutes daily with MorningMate, attributing this to the combined use of email and group chat rooms. Among the respondents, 413 stated that all four primary time-wasting factors—including checking work progress, locating work records, and data searching—saw improvement. The same number, 413 respondents, appreciated the enhancement in location flexibility, such as remote work and meetings.